I resently worked on some LEGO commercial, for legal reaasons I cannot show you what I've done, but I will share the comercials when they are released.

Dino from Maria Lyng on Vimeo.

Dino is a sort of friendly dinosaur, if he eats you, don't worry; it wasn't on purpose. He likes watching tv-shows like "Chuck" and his favorite movie-quote is; "SQUIRREL!"

I am no expert on dinosaurs and neither is Dino; he's just my Dino and I hope he'll behave.

My very first dinosaur. I suppose everyone makes one sooner or later. It is also one of my first CG creations ever; modeling, texturing and lighting. It has been fun to do and I will certainly be doing more like it. 

So, my plan to build a house was spoiled, when working on the LEGO commercials, I realized  how fun cars are to build:



Also in progress:

Still have plans to do this: